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This is not the financial newsletter that the guy in the cubicle next to you with the bobblehead collection reads.

Burgers & Sex Positions

Not really, but are more exciting than just mergers & acquisitions. Too often, what passes for financial news is heavy with statistics and misery. There's more to financial coverage than government regulation and layoffs.

Shop Talk

Do you want to know what everyone in the financial community will be talking about today? theWhomp is where money nerds come to follow the biggest news of the day with a fresh twist, delivered to your inbox each morning.

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The makings of theWhomp.

  • The Seventies

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Like all of the people reading these words, we've been go-getters from the very start.

  • 2011


    Against our will, a corporate bureaucracy that hired us to do grunt work forced us to sit next to each other. It was pretty awful in the beginning.

  • 2016

    Birth of theWhomp

    We love finance and business, but believed it could be funnier, fresher, helping people take their eyes off doom and gloom and have some fun. So we started theWhomp.

  • The Day You Found Us

    Righteous Expansion

    We're happy to have you as part of theWhomp community.

Our Amazing Team

Small but determined. Nasty when provoked.

Tina Bell

Writes Stuff

Heymus Tapper

Builds Stuff

Office Plant


A united, dynamic, always hungry for food, sometimes hungry for the truth team changing the face of finance one day at a time.

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